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Kayleigh Pearson VS Leslie Newport

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Past Booty Vote Results

Monday, March 3, 2008

Champion: Kayleigh Pearson
(won 10 days in a row)
Votes Received: 1,543

Challenger: Leslie Newport
Votes Received: 1,485

All-Time BV Votes Received: 9,889,435
BV Votes Received on This Day: 3,028

Opponents Defeated by the Champion:

Archived (v1.0) Comments for the Daily Vote of Mon, March 3, 2008

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voted for winner [Registered(#6044) Posts: 38] - March/3/2008 (12:00:20 AM)
voted for winner
voted for winner , FIRST ... BITCHES
New HOFer [Guest] - March/3/2008 (12:01:40 AM)
voted for winner
Here we go. Champ shouldn't have any trouble beating this ugly fake boobed asian.
Frank Wilson [Registered(#5340) Posts: 2315] - March/3/2008 (12:06:16 AM)
voted for neither
Rigged, riggeed and rigged again. This shit if fucking straight out rigged. Both got mosquito bite asses. Both have plastic tits, badly done by some quack cosmetic surgeon. Both got concave postures. Both women suck. And the photoshop that has been done the fucking photoshop!
buttugly [Registered(#3958) Posts: 322] - March/3/2008 (12:09:08 AM)
voted for neither
Maybe the un worthy champ might get beat, She is not HOF material.
Craig Olsen [Registered(#5622) Posts: 1332] - March/3/2008 (12:15:20 AM)
voted for winner
Left 6, Right 4.
STFU Frank CRYBAY [Guest] - March/3/2008 (12:17:38 AM)
voted for winner
Wilson. You stupid whiny bitch. You have to be the most pathetic CRYBABY on the entire net. Boo Hoo the sites rigged, but i will come back every day and CRY like a fat useless BITCH. You must be straight out fucking gay to complain about women as much as you do. forget stile fatwadd, you need a fucking fag site to float your boat....FRANK WILSONS A
Frannk Wilson [Guest] - March/3/2008 (12:20:36 AM)
voted for winner
dey gots concave potures, both women suck like me. i hate concave postures unless they are on fat little boys....then i, get to suck.
Frank Wilsonn [Guest] - March/3/2008 (12:32:36 AM)
voted for neither
This is sad...a rigged conspiracy to try and force, Frank THE WOMEN HATING HOMO, to vote for a good looking (their opinion not mine...i like little boys) women. This is a travesty! Discriminating against a fat loving fag. This site should only post pics of fat women and hung little boys. Fat is where its at folks. I cannot jerk off to mosqu
Franks a sick [Guest] - March/3/2008 (12:40:01 AM)
voted for neither
individual that needs a shrink or a bullet. kill yourself fatty and make us laugh.....put it on video fatty so we can rewind and laugh over and over. "Frank Fatman Wilson, loser crybaby commits suicide" "couldn't jerk off to normal chicks" for the betterment of the world." Do it crybaby. JUST DO IT! and be done with you.
FrankenFAG Wilson [Guest] - March/3/2008 (12:49:36 AM)
voted for neither
aaaaaaaaaaaaaah women again, and skinny ones to! damn white meth fiends. where are the fat black girls or better yet....their boyfriends!
ShowMeDaAzz [Registered(#5606) Posts: 575] - March/3/2008 (01:44:45 AM)
voted for winner
challenger is ahead by 16 votes. Dont know how 16 people could have voted for that non existent ass to begin with. Yes shes pretty and she probably fucky sucky long time...but wheres her ass???
Prick Wilson [Guest] - March/3/2008 (02:11:53 AM)
voted for winner
this is sad....a sad day...this Global Conspiracy to keep me, and i know ass, from voting for FAT DIRT UGLY COWS is downright ....sad. i know fat ass because i saw my mothers and she said women without large quantities of fat rolls and rippling cottage cheese thighs are drug addicted meth fiends! All white girls are drug addicts and the odd skinny
Frank CRYBABY Wilson [Guest] - March/3/2008 (02:23:23 AM)
voted for neither
Nope..not voting for any Hollywood plastic titted girl....not doing it. photo shop me Brad Pitt and I'll be on my knees.....hes white and skinny but he has a cock......fuck these bony cock less women, i need a fat hog or a man because i know ass, i saw it on the Internet.
Finn [Registered(#5895) Posts: 79] - March/3/2008 (02:30:37 AM)
voted for challenger
Looks good for the chall today - Shes in the lead... thats great - champ isn't Hof worth...
Frannk Wilson [Guest] - March/3/2008 (05:19:01 AM)
voted for winner
Rigged, rigged and rigged again. It must be. <shakes his girlie fists in air> rigged it is <starts crying like fat baby> where are the fat women with huge out of proportion asses? I know ass and these anorexic drug addicted hollywood models are too skinny. <cries again> i need a big fat ass to look at or i can't jerk off. The glob
hounddog [Registered(#2258) Posts: 1972] - March/3/2008 (05:53:25 AM)
voted for winner

johnny damon [Guest] - March/3/2008 (07:15:59 AM)
voted for winner
Somethings fishy here.How can the pancake ass challenger be even close to the "champ"?
xander [Guest] - March/3/2008 (08:46:11 AM)
voted for winner
champ would have lost in da first challenge dudes. now go for that mighty ass
BootyLuvin [Registered(#3427) Posts: 1344] - March/3/2008 (09:35:11 AM)
voted for challenger
I can't believe she is still there. Chall. ALL HAIL THE ROUND BOOTY!!!
Xodus [Registered(#4390) Posts: 1074] - March/3/2008 (10:38:30 AM)
voted for winner
Champ is not Hall of Fame material and should have lost at least three times, but she's got the better booty today.
sandman [Guest] - March/3/2008 (11:26:32 AM)
voted for challenger
looks like chall gonna win. so the the champ wont go to the hof. good news!
STFU bootybitch [Guest] - March/3/2008 (11:46:38 AM)
voted for winner
we can't believe you are still crying. go get Frank a cheeseburger and fuck off asshole.
chubbyred [Registered(#5030) Posts: 465] - March/3/2008 (02:45:15 PM)
voted for challenger
The challenger is good.
put the champ in [Guest] - March/3/2008 (05:14:27 PM)
voted for winner
the HOF, like it or not she has won 9 times. you can cry now Wilson....9 times. its obvious that the majority of voters picked her. Stuff your rigged theory up your fat crybaby ass Frank. your opinion on what an ass has to look like is not law, its just your opinion. quit being an immature crybaby because you don't like the girls. you whine and com
kaj [Guest] - March/3/2008 (05:23:21 PM)
voted for challenger
i can't BELIEVE the champ beat the first person, in red. WTF is going on here?
buttugly [Registered(#3958) Posts: 322] - March/3/2008 (05:38:57 PM)
voted for neither
Most interesting I have seen in all the time I have been doing these. The champ is not HOF material. Chalenger is not either. Are people voting to get rid of champ? I did. Our Feank Wilson assholes are getting tiresome as Swing on My Nuts Asshole!
PETE [Guest] - March/3/2008 (05:42:58 PM)
voted for challenger
champ does not deserve hall of fame, I seen better lose
ShowMeDaAzz [Registered(#5606) Posts: 575] - March/3/2008 (06:01:08 PM)
voted for winner
damn this one is going to the wire....champ 1194 challenger 1178
buttugly you COCKSUCKING [Guest] - March/3/2008 (06:55:44 PM)
voted for neither
CRYBABY. you just admitted to sabotaging a free vote because others have a different perspective than you and your girl was not winning. And we thought Frank was the crybaby....You are much more skilled at sucking cock than picking ass, so move to a gay site, you vindictive little fag and let the majority rule. Goddamn crybaby, go swing on franks n
hey pete [Guest] - March/3/2008 (06:57:41 PM)
voted for neither
i seen worse already in the hof, so shut up you stupid cunt.
5o to 50 [Guest] - March/3/2008 (08:11:11 PM)
voted for winner
can it be any closer. of course the experienced guys will have chosen the champion over the challenger, whose ass is a bit flatter.if you zoom in on the challengers ass you can see she is flatter and her cheeks are unequal. Craig Olsen spotted that immediately, hence his vote for the champ.
DINKSUCKER Frank Wilson [Guest] - March/3/2008 (08:26:53 PM)
voted for winner
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH more women.....and they are skinny and not black...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oxygen, give me oxygen and a fat women.
bubba-- [Registered(#5931) Posts: 151] - March/3/2008 (09:35:33 PM)
voted for challenger
hmm close... champ is not HOF worthy, so therefore chall gets mine.
beersey [Registered(#1002) Posts: 2433] - March/3/2008 (09:40:14 PM)
voted for winner
champ for me

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