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Dolicia Bryan VS Andie Valentino

(winner)59% 41%

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Champion: Dolicia Bryan
(won 10 days in a row)
Votes Received: 1,071

Challenger: Andie Valentino
Votes Received: 753

All-Time BV Votes Received: 9,894,236
BV Votes Received on This Day: 1,824

Opponents Defeated by the Champion:

Archived (v1.0) Comments for the Daily Vote of Sat, October 18, 2008

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ThisIsIt [Registered(#6163) Posts: 319] - October/18/2008 (12:07:16 AM)
voted for winner
Challenger is a hottie, but I have to stick with the Champ. I want to see if the HOF will actually get UPDATED pending that she wins.
BootyLuvin [Registered(#3427) Posts: 1344] - October/18/2008 (12:16:34 AM)
voted for winner
It won't. It has been this long and still no update. Not sure why. Oh well. Champ for sure. Chall iS not bad, but in a side by side... no contest. ALL HAIL THE ROUND BOOTY!!!
beersey [Registered(#1002) Posts: 2433] - October/18/2008 (12:19:14 AM)
voted for winner
champ for me , easily
Kornholer [Guest] - October/18/2008 (12:38:45 AM)
voted for winner
This site has seriously gone down hill. Dr.Booty why don't you get up your fat ass and do something you faggot.
Whiteman Jumping [Guest] - October/18/2008 (01:24:32 AM)
voted for winner
What's with challs left hand. It looks like it could smash a brick in half. Tranny? You know what they can do these days with chirgury and all.
Craig Olsen [Registered(#5622) Posts: 1332] - October/18/2008 (03:46:01 AM)
voted for challenger
Left=7, Right=8.
F A O Frank Wilson [Guest] - October/18/2008 (06:39:38 AM)
voted for neither
Fuck off cunt
fortunegranted [Registered(#6188) Posts: 1051] - October/18/2008 (06:45:37 AM)
voted for winner
Look like we have a HOF. Biggest challenger she had in my book was day 7. Chick with the red thong. I can tell she had some meaty cheeks lol.
hounddog [Registered(#2258) Posts: 1972] - October/18/2008 (07:03:06 AM)
voted for winner
maybe when she gets in to the HOF,they will update it.
mrdoom07 [Registered(#6280) Posts: 131] - October/18/2008 (08:50:19 AM)
voted for neither
Going for the champ..lets make it a 10 dayer..
Doggy [Registered(#1786) Posts: 188] - October/18/2008 (09:33:04 AM)
voted for challenger
Challenger 100% she dropped her pants and took it all off for us. Nice ass guys really nice
STEVE WHITE [Registered(#2599) Posts: 904] - October/18/2008 (09:48:10 AM)
voted for winner
whoisdachamp [Guest] - October/18/2008 (01:17:07 PM)
voted for winner
REALLY want to know who the champ is. I'd collect her photos, eat her panties, and drink her sweat like tea. I love this woman. I love this woman.
ShowMeDaAzz [Registered(#5606) Posts: 575] - October/18/2008 (02:20:01 PM)
voted for winner
Whiteman Jumping [Guest]... please tell me what CHIRGURY is. Couldnt find that one in the dictionary!!
Anyone [Guest] - October/18/2008 (02:23:07 PM)
voted for winner
with the middle name Hussein DOES NOT belong in the white house. If he gets elected it wont be long before we have Joe Biden as prez. Thats even scarier
mulligan1970 [Registered(#1205) Posts: 4534] - October/18/2008 (04:33:16 PM)
voted for winner

steelers55 [Registered(#6354) Posts: 126] - October/18/2008 (05:01:18 PM)
voted for challenger
Joe Biden [Guest] - October/18/2008 (05:16:47 PM)
voted for neither
i'd do a far better job then Sarah palin.
Frank Wilson [Registered(#5340) Posts: 2315] - October/18/2008 (09:16:42 PM)
voted for winner
THIS IS GREAT!!!! I know that the intelligent bootyvoters will come together as one coalition, one solid force and one unity to vote women like the Champ who have top-notch, thick and shapely asses. Yes to all the intelligent bootyvoters, this one is for you! :) Of course going for the Champ. The Champ is too hot. As for the Challenger? The Chall

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