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Francessca DeMarco VS Laura Leigh Siani

(winner)59% 41%

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Past Booty Vote Results

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Champion: Francessca DeMarco
(won 10 days in a row)
Votes Received: 1,046

Challenger: Laura Leigh Siani
Votes Received: 719

All-Time BV Votes Received: 9,894,236
BV Votes Received on This Day: 1,765

Archived (v1.0) Comments for the Daily Vote of Thu, July 15, 2010

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beersey [Registered(#1002) Posts: 2433] - July/15/2010 (12:13:17 AM)
voted for winner
Simple Minded W Boys [Registered(#6485) Posts: 544] - July/15/2010 (12:55:38 AM)
voted for neither
mulligan1970 [Registered(#1205) Posts: 4534] - July/15/2010 (01:10:23 AM)
voted for winner

jakster39 [Registered(#4294) Posts: 1567] - July/15/2010 (01:21:18 AM)
voted for challenger
hounddog [Registered(#2258) Posts: 1972] - July/15/2010 (05:03:59 AM)
voted for challenger

EdwardLongshanks [Guest] - July/15/2010 (06:22:45 AM)
voted for challenger
The "champion" isn't HOF material. That's lip gloss she's applying? imo she'd look hot with a woodie in her mouth.
snatchy [Registered(#5075) Posts: 52] - July/15/2010 (08:02:26 AM)
voted for winner
stupid champ should've lost to chall number 1 - Suelyn.
rigomar [Registered(#6801) Posts: 350] - July/15/2010 (08:02:40 AM)
voted for winner
perhaps she isn't hof material still, I refuse to vote for a half-assed showing by the challenger...
STEVE WHITE [Registered(#2599) Posts: 904] - July/15/2010 (09:14:52 AM)
voted for challenger
Doggy [Registered(#1786) Posts: 188] - July/15/2010 (10:35:37 AM)
voted for winner
come on guys it is hard to beat that Winners Ass. She is so HOT can you just picture yourself sitting behind that woman. Bang Bang Bang sweet....................................
Frank Wilson [Registered(#5340) Posts: 2315] - July/15/2010 (02:36:31 PM)
voted for neither
You see this is the shit we get. Just to get that shit of a champ into the HOF, the corrupt moron Dr. Booty puts in the same skinny bitch as Challenger. Guess what? the majority of you bootyvoters fall for it hook, line and sinker.. Also as you can see many people are not commenting or even voting because of the corrupt Dr. Booty and his little c
BootyLuvin [Registered(#3427) Posts: 1344] - July/15/2010 (06:56:44 PM)
voted for winner
She should have lost yesterday, butt is better than chall today. ALL HAIL THE ROUND BOOTY!!!
Frank Wilson [Registered(#5340) Posts: 2315] - July/15/2010 (08:10:42 PM)
voted for neither
BootyLuvin with all due respect from one intelligent bootyvoter to another, dude face it both women stink. No need to justify and reason out your vote. Both women stink. It is okay to vote neither. Get some courage man. The champ and all 9 of these mediocre challenger don't deserve any HOF status. None of them.

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