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Marcia Imperator VS Nina Devon

(winner)81% 19%

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Champion: Marcia Imperator
(won 10 days in a row)
Votes Received: 1,079

Challenger: Nina Devon
Votes Received: 261

All-Time BV Votes Received: 9,894,236
BV Votes Received on This Day: 1,340

Opponents Defeated by the Champion:

Archived (v1.0) Comments for the Daily Vote of Sat, October 16, 2010

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Frank Wilson [Registered(#5340) Posts: 2315] - October/16/2010 (12:03:10 AM)
voted for winner
Again, two great contestants thus making this a very hard choice. Challenger has a great ass just as good as the Champ. However the way the Champ poses the booty, the Champ is confident in displaying more booty. Therefore going for the Champ. Champ does deserve HOF so why not?
Barry [Registered(#6816) Posts: 90] - October/16/2010 (12:50:19 AM)
voted for challenger
I want to kill her with a bottle!
the observer [Registered(#6943) Posts: 41] - October/16/2010 (12:52:28 AM)
voted for neither
I had to get in early on this voting as I was anxious to witness the champ attain HOF status. All hail the champ. Ps this final competitor is the pits. She is indeed the worst of the lot. I had hoped we would have had an exciting finale. Guess it wasn't meant to be. The victory will be by a landslide.
Frank Willson [Registered(#6941) Posts: 97] - October/16/2010 (02:18:22 AM)
voted for winner
Not even close. But I think it's close. Cause I'm a bloomin idiot.
The 0bserver [Registered(#6954) Posts: 11] - October/16/2010 (02:27:15 AM)
voted for challenger
fuck off Frank Wilson [Registered(#5340) if the challenger wasnt black you would have said she is a meth addict arching her back in a bad pose with no ass ,,,, AND WE ALL KNOW IM RIGHT , including your unintelligent ass
Skank WiIson [Registered(#6686) Posts: 192] - October/16/2010 (02:40:35 AM)
voted for winner
The 0bserver is right. Frank Wilson (#5340) snorted too much meth, as any intelligent bootyvoter knows by now. Having said that, I gotta admit that The Peachâ„¢ undoubtedly deservers a spot in the HOF, so here goes.
get right [Registered(#6956) Posts: 49] - October/16/2010 (02:56:56 AM)
voted for winner
Champ walks into HoF Molly Cavalli should be HoF
Craig Olsen [Registered(#5622) Posts: 1332] - October/16/2010 (03:01:32 AM)
voted for winner
Left=8, Right=4.
Joshua [Registered(#6203) Posts: 718] - October/16/2010 (03:46:55 AM)
voted for winner
I really think that Queen Peach deserved at least the respect of having a little competition on her final day of glory. It's not a black/white issue, it's simple a matter of the better bottom. With the low crack and unsightly poop shadow the challenger doesn't stand a chance!
jakster39 [Registered(#4294) Posts: 1567] - October/16/2010 (05:57:12 AM)
voted for challenger
Ron Jeremy [Registered(#6784) Posts: 25] - October/16/2010 (06:44:39 AM)
voted for winner
only champ's booty can handle my cucumber!!!!!! Chall's booty just doesn't cut the mustard!!!!!!!
Achmed [Registered(#6933) Posts: 36] - October/16/2010 (07:27:14 AM)
voted for challenger
champ is a fat piece of shit
STEVE WHITE [Registered(#2599) Posts: 904] - October/16/2010 (08:52:55 AM)
voted for challenger
kidman2020 [Guest] - October/16/2010 (08:52:58 AM)
voted for winner
The others are correct Frank. You must admit that if she were white you would rant and rave about skinny arms and having a little boys ass and taking meth and yet you call everyone else a racist. Any hoot, Winner obviously has the better ass but I also wouldn't say no to seeing what the challenger offered in the sack for a couple hours. I am bettin
hounddog [Registered(#2258) Posts: 1972] - October/16/2010 (09:04:17 AM)
voted for winner

badassbob [Registered(#6327) Posts: 221] - October/16/2010 (10:01:07 AM)
voted for challenger
lol good point kidman,i cant believe how much this champ fooled everyone though,she is squished into a corsett and hiding her gut with her flabby arm , sure booty is booty,but come on ! this champ is simply overweight and cheating to look okay
mb [Registered(#3051) Posts: 195] - October/16/2010 (10:53:48 AM)
voted for winner
this chick wins 10 but Coco can't win 3?
seno [Registered(#4187) Posts: 278] - October/16/2010 (11:28:46 AM)
voted for winner
lol, really? challenger is horrible...
Stretcher [Registered(#6594) Posts: 342] - October/16/2010 (12:10:39 PM)
voted for winner
i luv meself sum ebony booty, but that pose/pix by this challenger is just sad! champ easily criusers by.
fortunegranted [Registered(#6188) Posts: 1051] - October/16/2010 (01:01:11 PM)
voted for challenger
Did anyone get the name of the winner yet? And I voted for the challenger because of the deep ass crack. She stands up that booty would be real serious and shapely.
BootyLuvin [Registered(#3427) Posts: 1344] - October/16/2010 (05:06:16 PM)
voted for winner
That booty is good. ALL HAIL THE ROUND BOOTY!!!
Xodus [Registered(#4390) Posts: 1074] - October/16/2010 (06:50:37 PM)
voted for winner
No contest.
RDP [Registered(#6950) Posts: 3] - October/16/2010 (10:34:04 PM)
voted for neither
Winner is Marica from DDG.
The Observer [Registered(#6943) Posts: 41] - October/16/2010 (11:41:43 PM)
voted for neither
Thank you very much RDP for the much needed info. This woman is on fire. Wow. I need to see more galleries of this very fine lady. ALL HAIL THE CHAMP. MAY SHE FOREVER BE REMEMBERED AS ONE OF BOOTYVOTE.COMS FINEST.

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