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Andreina Samudio VS Naja Irie

(winner)74% 26%

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Past Booty Vote Results

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Champion: Andreina Samudio
(won 4 days in a row)
Votes Received: 940

Challenger: Naja Irie
Votes Received: 328

All-Time BV Votes Received: 9,894,236
BV Votes Received on This Day: 1,268

Opponents Defeated by the Champion:

Archived (v1.0) Comments for the Daily Vote of Sat, May 14, 2011

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jakster39 [Registered(#4294) Posts: 1567] - May/14/2011 (12:01:20 AM)
voted for winner
beersey [Registered(#1002) Posts: 2433] - May/14/2011 (12:03:25 AM)
voted for winner
champ for me , again
giggity [Guest] - May/14/2011 (12:21:15 AM)
voted for winner
reef girl for the win!
theatreking [Registered(#6952) Posts: 90] - May/14/2011 (12:27:19 AM)
voted for winner
IS there even a booty on the challenger? One thinks NOT!
Frank VVilson [Registered(#6495) Posts: 318] - May/14/2011 (12:43:01 AM)
voted for winner
why is jakster39 always first ? i want to be first , being first meens you can make everyone vote the way you want them to vote , thats why jakster39 always posts first and thats why i want to be first , i want to post first everyday so when i post first you will all vote the way i do because when i post first i will be able to convince you that th
LION [Guest] - May/14/2011 (01:01:47 AM)
voted for winner
WTF mother is a goat! Move out of your double wide... lolol
AFasslover [Guest] - May/14/2011 (01:35:34 AM)
voted for winner
wow...champ is HoF all the way...that is a goddamn delicious ass.
Craig Olsen [Registered(#5622) Posts: 1332] - May/14/2011 (02:29:34 AM)
voted for winner
Left=5, Right=4.
Skank WiIson [Registered(#6686) Posts: 192] - May/14/2011 (02:35:36 AM)
voted for challenger
Champ is great, but challenger can crack walnuts with that incredibly tight ass. Love that shit.
hounddog [Registered(#2258) Posts: 1972] - May/14/2011 (04:35:36 AM)
voted for winner

Pimp Hand Strong [Registered(#6529) Posts: 87] - May/14/2011 (09:26:06 AM)
voted for winner
Skank, I agree, but I'm sticking with the Champ.
Meth Fiends 4ever [Registered(#7095) Posts: 142] - May/14/2011 (12:00:39 PM)
voted for winner

glen [Guest] - May/14/2011 (07:18:23 PM)
voted for winner
Champ isn't that great, but the challenger has a man's ass.
drfeelgood69 [Registered(#7068) Posts: 95] - May/14/2011 (10:21:58 PM)
voted for winner
Are you serious? Not even close! Champ is AMAZING!
Simple Minded W Boys [Registered(#6485) Posts: 544] - May/14/2011 (10:42:33 PM)
voted for challenger
Tight & Sweeeeeet!

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